Chainsaw Art

Published: August 31, 2022

At the beginning of the year I decided to treat myself to a sculpture for the garden.

The difficulty being that I didn't know what I wanted!

I knew what I didn't want, so at least that was a start.

The next stage was to make a list of ‘wants criteria'. This proved to be very short.

  • Something that would make me smile
  • Had to be informal
  • Fit in with the garden
  • Weather proof, especially from the wind and frost
  • Reasonable cost
  • Not too small

I spend hours, days then weeks surfing the NET! Going through gardening books, magazines, but nothing did the trick.

An odd smile but it didn't last. When I see something I really like, that's it -love at first sight, but nothing appealed.

Then I stumbled upon a web site called Cumbrian and my interest picked up -large, chain-saw wooden sculptures. I liked the bear with the dungarees (might get him later) but when I saw the Jacob sheep -it was just as I knew it would be. Love at first sight!

I ordered two, a large and medium, waited a few weeks for delivery and bingo…..the minute, they arrived and I unwrapped them, I burst out laughing!

Positioned in the garden, they look as if they have been there forever. They are the first thing I see when I open my blinds in the morning and it's a great start to the day.

When I'm in the garden they make me laugh. I can sit on them and have a chat (I know it's the first signs)

They are so much more than sculptures, they're a tonic.

Our grandson named them Fred and George. (After the Weasley twins in Harry Potter)

The only thing they don't do is keep the grass short.

fredandgeorge 83

Maggie Duguid

Text and photos by Maggie Duguid, who is a member of the HPS North East Group.