Hurrah for Hellebores – Books on Hellebores

Published: 29th April 2022

Books on Hellebores

As recommended by Diana Guy in 2013

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Helleborus ‘Potter's Wheel'

‘The Gardener's Guide to Hellebore Growing'by Graham Rice and Elizabeth Strangman
David and Charles ISBN 0 7153 9973 X

‘Hellebores'by Graham Rice
RHS Wisley Handbooks ISBN 0 304 36287 5

‘Hellebores, A Comprehensive Guide'by C Colston & J K Taylor
Timber Press, ISBN 978 0 88192 7658

The two below are out of print, but could possibly be tracked down via libraries, second-hand book sellers or the :

  • ‘Helen Ballard ‘The Hellebore Queen' ‘Gisela Schmiemann and Josh Westrich – ‘Edition Art and Nature'
  • ‘Hellebores', Brian Mathew, Alpine Garden Society

Diana Guy

Copyright © for this article and pictures by Diana Guy (2013). Reproduced with permission.