29: Spring 2012

Author: Wendy Sime


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Wendy Sime

Many years ago we bought a gorgeous coppery helianthemum. I took lots of cuttings and spread them around the garden. Helianthemums do not live forever so the time came to take some more cuttings but would the cuttings strike? They would not.
Many years ago we found a gorgeous bright red and orange seedling of Physocarpus growing in the garden. I took lots of cuttings and spread them around the garden. After several years people started to notice it and asked for plants. So I took some cuttings but would they strike? They would not!

Do you notice a recurring theme? After a bit of research I discovered confirmation of my suspicions. According to a professor of horticulture, “Age of stock plant may be an important factor … Cuttings from young seedling plants may root better than cuttings from older plants.” The moral of the tale: if you have a shrub you love and don’t want to lose, don’t wait until it’s on its last legs to take cuttings Keep taking cuttings and take them off your youngest plant.

First published in the Shropshire Group Newsletter, January 2010
and subsequently in Cornucopia Issue 29.
© Copyright for this article: Wendy Sime

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