What is the

Hardy Plant Society?

The Hardy Plant Society is a leading garden charity with thousands of members around the UK and abroad.

We enable our members to learn from each other, improve their physical and mental health, and meet each other. We believe that by gardening we improve ourselves and our environment both now and for the future.

What is the purpose of the

Hardy Plant Society?

The HPS is a registered charity number No 208080 which exists to advance the culture, study and improvement of hardy herbaceous plants; the preservation of older rarer and lesser known hardy plants; to advance knowledge of hardy plants; to organise visits to places of interest in connection with the study of hardy plants.We love hardy perennials for their variety, colours, shapes, sizes and longevity. We help each other to grow them better, to try different species and we exchange and spread information about them.


Most of us are in the UK but some garden outside it. Some of us are experts, like our President, Roy Lancaster, the renowned plant explorer, some of us are beginners and most of us are somewhere in-between, but we all want to learn more to make our planting more satisfying and to enjoy our gardens more.

Being members of the Hardy Plant Society gives us more opportunities to meet others, in local groups and special interest groups focusing on a particular plant family or growing conditions; to attend National Society events; to obtain a wide range of perennial plants and take part in our Seed Distribution Scheme and, by being involved in our Conservation Scheme, help keep garden-worthy plants in cultivation by as many people as possible.

Our Vision


The Hardy Plant Society is committed to cultivating a world where people and plants thrive together.

We envision a future where gardening and the joy of plants are integral to every life, enriching our communities, enhancing our well-being, and conserving our planet.

We aim to inspire both the public and our members to discover, learn, and grow with us, fostering a shared appreciation for and understanding of the essential role of plants in our world.

Our Mission

How we deliver the vision

  • Gather, curate and publish knowledge on garden plants and their cultivation
  • Provide the means for gardeners to meet and exchange knowledge
  • Promote ways of improving the physical and mental health of gardeners
  • Promote plants and gardening as a means to improve the environment
  • Provide funding for research into plants and gardening
  • Form partnerships which enable us to achieve our vision


What we value


The society holds the belief that humans are caretakers of the natural world, and it’s our responsibility to protect and enhance it. Members and the public should be engaged in sustainable gardening practices that conserve biodiversity and contribute to the health of our planet.

Continuous learning is integral to our mission. We seek to deepen our understanding of plants and gardening, sharing knowledge with our members and the broader community. We believe that by cultivating an informed public, we can promote a love for gardening and a respect for the natural world.

Gardening is a universal passion that transcends backgrounds and cultures. We strive to create an open, welcoming environment that invites people from all walks of life to participate and share in the joy of plants.

We believe that by working together, we can achieve more than we can individually. We value teamwork and partnership, both within our society and with external organisations and communities.

We value new ideas and innovative approaches that advance our understanding of plants and gardening. We encourage creativity and curiosity, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in horticulture.

Our love for plants fuels everything we do. We believe that this passion should be evident in our work, sparking enthusiasm in others and inspiring them to join us in our mission.

We hold a deep respect for the inherent value of plants, acknowledging their essential role in our lives and ecosystems. We also value the respect that comes from treating each other with kindness, fairness, and understanding.

We uphold the highest standards of honesty and transparency in our actions. We expect our members to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with our mission, values, and the trust placed in us by the public.
What makes us


  • We share first hand experiences of plants - authentic knowledge gathered from growing plants all over the country
  • We publish our knowledge in three high quality publications
  • We have active groups all over the country and aim to add more
  • We have members outside the UK
  • We run a bursary scheme to stimulate interest in growing hardy herbaceous plants and to provide a deeper understanding of them
  • We run an annual seed distribution scheme giving the opportunity to grow plants cheaply