The Newsletter

The Newsletter is where all the news within the HPS is published. For example the November '22 edition contained the following:

  • An article from a Belgian member on hardy geraniums
  • A note from Pamela Clark, our Chair
  • The magic of plants conference in Yorkshire
  • An introduction to a new trustee Jaime Blake
  • A write up from the 2022 Annual Lecture Day / Annual General Meeting
  • An article on volunteering
  • How the Monmouthshire Group are having 'dinner with friends'
  • An obituary of Mary Toomey PhD
  • An introduction to the Hardy Geranium Special Interest Group
  • A competition for members
  • A profile of new Cornucopia editor Clare Foggett
  • An article about flatworms

And much more...

Get in touch with the editor (Mick Dunstan) if you have something you'd like to contribute.