Bursary Scheme

Based on its Charitable Objects, the Hardy Plant Society offers grants through the Kenneth Black Bursary Scheme to those working in, or studying, horticulture. Bursaries are awarded on merit and must be used for the purposes of the applicant furthering their knowledge and understanding of hardy plants and/or their conservation.

An award is between £100 and £1,000 and includes complimentary membership to the Hardy Plant Society for the year in which the award is made. There are no application deadlines, they are accepted throughout the year, and we aim to make a decision within two weeks of one being received.

Kenneth Black worked as a gardener for Enfield Council. In 2009 the Hardy Plant Society received a generous donation from his estate. The Kenneth Black Bursary Scheme was created in recognition of this great generosity and to promote the development of those working with hardy plants.

We will consider an application if…

  • You are studying or working, including apprenticeships, in horticulture.
  • Your study/work involves hardy plants.

…and you need financial support for…

  • Travelling to further your knowledge of hardy plants away from your place of work or study, e.g., botanical gardens, note-worthy gardens, or National Collections in this country or abroad.
  • A travel scholarship
  • Attending conferences; symposiums; workshops
  • Short course fees and some help towards college and university fees
  • A project that involves hardy plants but does not fit into the above categories, e.g., creating a community sensory garden.
  • Equipment or books that are not supplied by your employer or educational establishment.

We do not…

  • Make awards for travel costs between home and the place of work or study.
  • Give grants to improve the applicant’s general finances.

How do I apply for a bursary?

All applications are processed electronically; the application form is here together with the Aims and Objectives of the Hardy Plant Society which form the criteria for your eligibility to apply. Please read them carefully. The application must be accompanied by a reference from an academic involved in your course if you are a student, or a line manager if you are employed. Please send to bursary@hardy-plant.org.uk.

For a project, please submit a detailed outline of what is involved, its costings and the amount of financial help required. Email to bursary@hardy-plant.org.uk

And afterwards…

We ask for a report on completion of your venture which validates our decision to have given you our support. Your report will be featured on the website and may be published in the journal Hardy Plant. We still require a report even if you have chosen not to have your work featured on the website or published in the journal.

Read the bursary reports