How Do I?

Helpful hints on how to use the website below. If you need further help, either email, or in the bottom right use "Contact Us" or "Live Chat" if we're online. Or use the Contact page which has our phone number.

How do I?

  1. Find my password (click here)
  2. Login to the website (click here)
  3. View my account and membership details (click here)
  4. Renew my membership (click here)
  5. Decide on automatic or manual renewals (click here)
  6. Join the HPS (click here)
  7. Find my HPS Membership ID (click here)
  8. Know my payments are secure? (click here)
  9. Manage my account (click here)
  10. Join a local group (click here)
  11. Join a special interest group (click here)
  12. Find orders I've paid for (click here)
  13. Buy a booklet (click here)
  14. Take part in a local group - or find the events they have on (click here)
  15. Get my password reset email delivered when I have an AOL or Yahoo email address? (click here)

1. Find my password

Click Login to reach the Login page, then click Lost Password. You will receive an email with a special link, enabling you to set a password of your choice.

CleanShot 2023 11 21 at 09.24.07

2. Login to the website?

The menu bar at the top has a login button:

CleanShot 2023 11 21 at 09.21.49

Click this, a panel pops out, with a link to the login page.

If you don't know your login details then please contact our helpdesk and we will provide access.

      3. View my account details?

      Having logged in to the site, use the Account Details button at the top of the page


      This will pop-out a side panel, click My Account Details to see this page. Use the buttons at the top to view information about your account.

      Account details

      4. Renew my membership?

      If you have previously paid by standing order or BACS or direct debit:

      • Let the payment take place
      • We will manually renew or add your membership into our records
      • Provided we have your email address, you will receive confirmation by email
      • We must have your email address in order to give you access to this website, and your membership records. If we don't have your email address please email us via the helpdesk with your name, address and HPS membership ID

      If you want to pay online for a membership (either new or renewal)

      • Visit the Shop and buy your 2024 Single, Joint or Student membership
      • This will become your 2024 membership, you will be reminded when to renew
      • Make sure to cancel any standing order or direct debit, if you have them

      If you previously paid by Cheque

      • We can no longer accept cheque payments or renewal using paper forms
      • If you can please visit the Shop to buy your next year of membership online
      • Or contact the helpdesk and explain your circumstances and we will help

      If you previously paid by PayPal (which is no longer accepted) and wish to pay online using a debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay:

      • Login to your account and then
      • Visit your account details page, you should see a page with this row of buttons:

      Account Details Header

      Click "My Subscription" and see details of your existing subscription, similar to this

      My Subs

      • If you don't have an existing subscription (and therefore a membership) visit the Shop and buy one.
      • If you do see a "Renew now" button then click it and follow the instructions

        5. Switch auto renewal on, or off

        Once you pay online for a membership, you will get a reminder in a years time that your membership will automatically get renewed.  If you prefer to make this payment manually, use the toggle below to turn this off.

        • Toggle on the right (as shown below) means automatic renewal
        • Toggle to the left means manual renewal

        CleanShot 2023 12 01 at 12.03.33

        6. Join the HPS

        Join the HPS by visiting the shop and buying a membership.

        7. Find my HPS Membership ID

        Your HPS Membership ID can be found in multiple places

        • In the joining pack posted to you when you first join
        • In the order emails when you buy a membership via this site
        • In membership confirmation emails from this site
        • In the Account Details pages (See above)
        • In Resources -> My Membership Details
        • Or by emailing the helpdesk and asking (please provide your name and address so we can verify you)

        8. Know my payments are secure

        We want our money to be safe as much as you, which is why we've taken proper steps to keep everything safe:

        Payment processing

        • Once you click the 'Place Order' button the process is handed to Stripe
        • Stripe is a large, worldwide payment processing service, who support the highest standards of security
        • You may be asked to verify your payment, just like any other website
        • Stripe themselves implement methods to detect fraud and ensure safety
        • We in the HPS do not have access to your card details
        • Access to the information within our Stripe account is controlled by strong passwords and two factor authentication and is limited to only a very few people

        Site safety

        • The site does not store your card details only a reference to the payment within the Stripe platform
        • The site includes a professional level firewall and security layer to stop hackers - it already has resisted thousands of attempts to subvert it

        PCI / DSS Standard

        • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) sets the minimum standard for data security.
        • Click to read a guide to the PCI/DSS standards
        • As of December 6th 2023 this website has an Attestation of Compliance certificate, issued by HackerGuardian / Qualys
        • This involves a complex site security scan, testing for ways to subvert the site security measures
        • A report is given to an assessor who reviews the scan results
        • Our scan is green / pass, and was certified by the assessor
        • The scanning process will be repeated periodically, the formal assessment happens once a year

        9. Manage My Account

        For your full account details:

        • Make sure you are logged in
        • Click My Account (top right of the page)
        • Which leads you to your account pages

        CleanShot 2023 11 26 at 10.30.25

        For a shorter summary of your membership and online payments, visit Resources -> My Membership Details.

        9. Join a local group

        Joining a local group is handled by the groups themselves, visit the Local Groups pages for the group nearest you and follow their instructions, or visit their own website.

        10. Join a Special Interest Group

        You can either join a special interest group online via the Shop, or follow the instructions on the groups own page.

        11. Find My Orders

        Your Orders are within your Account Details, see 'Manage my account above'

        12. Buy a booklet

        To buy a booklet or HPS lapel badge, visit the Shop.

        13. Find local events

        Our local groups run many events, we will endeavour to add them into our events calendar. Other places you can look are:

        13. Get my password reset email delivered

        For reasons only known to AOL and Yahoo they sometimes block our emails (often being the password reset email).  One remedy which has worked for members is to add to your email address book.

        If necessary then request a new reset email (via Lost Password on the login page).

        If this doesn't work then please email and we will provide you with a password.