Gift Cards

Buy an HPS Gift Card from our shop here.

The HPS Gift Card enables the receiver to redeem the card in full or part against anything in the HPS online Shop. They can use it to become a member, buy a booklet, join a special interest group, or buy an HPS badge, and tickets when they are on sale.

  • The card is valid for one year
  • Choose a value from one of the presets or choose 'other' to set your own card value
  • Provide an email address for the lucky recipient and a delivery date for the card to be sent
  • If you want to print the card yourself and deliver by other means, put your own email address as the recipient (and choose today for the delivery date)
  • The recipient can check the balance below
  • The buyer will receive an order confirmation with full details of the card
  • The recipient (if you choose their email address for delivery) will receive a special email with the unique gift card code and value
  • Redeem the card when viewing your basket or at checkout by entering the code from the card
  • For anyone who is unable to use the HPS online shop - the HPS office can redeem gift cards manually to enable people to join the HPS, buy booklets and provide the same outcome.
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Check the balance

If you received an HPS Gift Card, you can check the remaining balance on the card by entering the code from the card below.

Check Gift Card Balance