Eco Plant Whisperer October 2022

Published: October 14, 2022

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Salvia x jamensis ‘Hot Lips’

Salvias comprise approximately 1000 species of annuals & perennials that belong to the family ( Lamiaceae) from South America. At the Lakeside Garden we have been propagating and increasing on a collection of various Salvia species from cuttings ( semi ripe) taken mid Autumn of last year,  See Autumn Journal- (Gardener’s Notebook ) 

Propagated cuttings were grown on and overwintered in an unheated glasshouse. The rooted Salvias were planted out during late May after risk of frost had passed. The aim of the gardening team at the Lakeside Garden is to continue to propagate more Salvia species this autumn which will include Salvia ‘Hot Lips’. 

salvia hotlips 1

Salvia x jamensis ‘Hot Lips’ comprises stunning bicoloured flowers throughout the summer into autumn, and right up until the first frost which will deny us the ongoing intense beauty of these exquisite little flowers. In particularly hot weather the colours of red and white can cross the boundaries and merge within the sections of the perianth ( petals ) 

Salvia x jamensis thrives in well drained soil and receiving full sunlight to reach its flowering potential. It particularly enjoys the micro climate in the Lakeside Garden which encapsulates so many of the plants here to maximum flowering performance ! 

This is a great little plant that nestles well close to border edges and pathways, or planted close to any garden seat. 

Salvias are a great perennial to attract wildlife for pollination. We are working hard at the Lakeside Garden to increase bee species into the environment, butterflies & hoverflies too.