Geranium Dreamland

Published: October 31, 2023

It’s that time of year to rethink the perennial borders. I like to leave as much interest as possible on display, even if it’s the various structures of foliage until the frost takes them, in addition to that I leave dried seed heads and stems of various perennials through the winter for that frosty impact, and to create refuge/ retreats for various small forms of wildlife.

Times are moving on, gone are the days of meticulously planning to have all plants cut back in place for winter, some yes! but pick up on the rest in spring as an essential start of season task.

With all of that said, I’m currently in the mode of cutting back various perennials, re-planning and transplanting, and now is the time to get cracking and get your hands to it !

At the Lakeside garden I’ve been transplanting some Azaleas into the woodland area, a better placed spot compared to where a few were slightly misplaced in the border areas.

Japanese anemone is a great late season flowering perennial, but at the Lakeside garden it has become a bit of a thug, so to speak, popping up here and there, I believe repetition in any garden is something to be avoided!

Some species of Dryopteris ferns were swamping the areas in the images around the Geraniums, this spoiled the look and feel. The Dryopteris have been dug up for transplanting into the woodland garden. I’ve replanted the gaps with Geranium Dreamland. Dreamland is a low growing hardy perennial comprising dusky pink flowers, these are marked with darker pink veins, it’s a great free flowering Geranium species through the summer and into the autumn.

The garden continues to evolve.