Images Wanted

The HPS Image Library provides images for lecturers and other speakers, websites, magazines and other media outlets to use - completely free of charge. It also provides images for use within the HPS by, for example, the Seed Distribution Scheme, the Conservation Scheme and the HPS Newsletter. These images have been donated by keen gardeners and photographers. In other words, by people like you. We allow free use of images in the library, provided users quote the HPS as their source, so if you wish to retain copyright on your images, we regret we cannot accept them.

But we always need more images.

The image library welcomes almost all good quality images of plants, plant materials and gardens. Please  email images, for inclusion in the image library, to the HPS Photo Librarian.

You don’t need a fancy camera or lots of equipment to take plant photos these days. Many smartphones have very good cameras built into them. Just make sure that it focuses on the plant that you want to photograph and that you tell us the name of the plant. Photographs of general garden views are also welcome.