Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Published: August 31, 2022


12 Pot Theatre

We’ve all been there!

Having to collect all the plants of a certain genus, then growing tired of them, turfing out some but keeping your favourites.

So far, for me it has been Geranium, Kniphofia, Crocosmia and Celmisia.

Daphne, Scutellaria, Clematis, Anemone and Erodiums are still in favour.

However, I now don’t go out of my way to seek these plants out, if I stumble upon them by chance, then of course, I must purchase, one or two or three.

My latest craving being Auriculas, but then with a collection of Auriculas you just have to have a theatre, to show them at their best.

The first theatre, I had made and it houses 12 pots.

My second theatre, made by ever accommodating husband holds 18 pots.

Number 3 theatre, which, he has just finished, is the big daddy and holds 36 pots.

So, if like me, you are running out of garden space for your plants, use your walls………………………


18 Pot Theatre

36 Pot Theatre

Maggie Duguid

Text and photos by Maggie Duguid, who is a member of the HPS North East Group.