October Conservation Feature

Published: October 3, 2019


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Update from the annual meeting

Conservation coordinators from the Local Groups came together a couple of weeks ago for the annual meeting and plant exchange. Over 300 plants, the result of propagation from divisions and cuttings, were distributed and the discussion was lively. All the plants currently listed by the Conservation Scheme were reviewed to assess hardiness in different areas of the country, ease of cultivation and garden-worthiness. 

However it was decided that it is time to say goodbye to a few plants that have featured on the list for a number of years because they are shrubs, plants with a woody structure and conservation of this type of plant does not fulfil our constitutional objective to preserve the older and less well known hardy perennials.

The list will be updated to include some new plants for conservation which will be grown on by several Groups over the next year or so while they are assessed. Plants that will no longer be grown for the Conservation Scheme are
Hebe ‘Nantyderry'
Hypericum x inodorum ‘Ysella'
Prostratus Group ‘Lockwood de Forest'

Hebe ‘Nantyderry'

Hypericum x inodorum ‘Ysella' 

Of course this doesn't mean that they are not good garden plants and I will certainly continue to grow Hebe ‘Nantyderry', for its lovely dark stems and glossy foliage, and Hypericum x inodorum ‘Ysella' for the startling shade of lime green the new growth adds to the garden in spring.

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