Winter planting at the Lakeside garden

Published: December 28, 2023

It's this very practical time of the year that I really love and enjoy the garden that bit more, (that may seem strange to some gardeners !) it prepares the way for the new growing season, to get the best from our hardy perennials. 

The cool glasshouse is filled with a variety of cuttings taken during the autumn: Salvia species figure largely in my regime at the Lakeside garden, and also young Agapanthus plants grown from collected seed ! 

20231219 130116
Glasshouse cuttings

In the main perennial borders I'm marking out plants for division. is such a striking perennial in the garden, but it overtakes the planting theme. I've been the Head Gardener for over two years now, and I can see that it's a priority task this winter to reduce the clumps in size of this amazing to look at perennial. In the image, the Veronicastrum is plotted out with the home made willow supports.

Perennial bed, marking out Veronicastrum virginicum.

Elsewhere in the garden I'm planning to tidy and divide some clumps of the tuberous perennial . This interesting perennial comprises 6 species from East Asia :  Asparagaceae family. 

We have this plant growing in the open border by the Victorian style conservatory facing Lake Windermere, it really adds a special touch and feel to this area. The border is flanked by stepping stones and the garden lovers and group tours, really enjoy the interesting, approx, 30cm purple  flower formations during late summer to autumn, followed by the black berries which compliment the evergreen arching leaves. 

I've recently been Inspired with a light bulb moment of dividing some of the clumps, splitting into smaller sections, and replanting under/ within a small glade of Birch trees : , the trees have striking white papery bark ! 

I visualise that once planted and established the combination of the striking foliage, combined with the exquisite flowers of the Liriope muscari, will work beautifully with the haunting but stunning effect of the birch trees. 

Kevin Line, Head Gardener, Plantsman, 

Lakeside Garden, Cumbria.