Woodland Planting

Published: February 19, 2022

Posted on 19.02.2022 |
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It's that time of year when it's a good idea to really get to grips with planning ahead for the woodland garden.

The are striking and flourishing here at the Lakeside Hotel Garden  after some TLC, recovering an area swamped with the duration of heavy leaves and debris. Autumn clearing has breathed life into an area where plants are seriously at risk of being rotted to the  corms. 

coum 1 17
woodland 28

Assessing which way to go now in terms of evolving and developing the woodland setting is crucial in order to get ahead, not only for the sake of the garden, but for wildlife too !   This particular area is undergoing a process of restoration. 

We have been planting Primula vulgaris and Primula verris ( cowslip). I think the combination of the two create an interesting naturalistic feel in terms of plant structure and two shades of yellow. Planning ahead at each stage too in the knowledge that the plants will increase each season. 

primula 1 34
primula 2 39

Hellebores have been planted in a semi shaded spot facing south/ west on a prominent mound with the intention of drawing the eye. Again the plant combination of Hellebores and Primulas work well in a  semi woodland setting ! Croci and Galanthus also  adorn the semi  woodland area, recently recovered from a thick mat of leaves and debris. Onlookers  may appreciate the beauty, and some more discerning onlookers will appreciate the Horticultural significance, but dare I say it, very few could even begin to realise how close plants are to being diminished completely and all the hard work and effort that is involved. 

double queenimix 80
Double Queen mix'
helleborus lenten beauty mix 52
Helleborus orientalis hybrid ( Lenten beauty mix.)
single gold red star 1
Helleborus orientalis ‘Single Gold Star Red'

I'm a firm believer that the sign of a really good Gardener / Plantsperson  isn't just about rattling off botanical names to impress, but being knowledgeable in terms of hands on technique to get the very best from plants, trees, shrubs, wildflowers etc. I think it takes at least 20 years to move forward in terms of experience, and even then the  surface is just scratched !  

crocus 86
galanthus 1

Having worked in the Horticultural Industry at various levels for nearly 42 years, everyday is a learning curve, and to learn from each other of all ages and levels !

Woodland/ semi woodland areas like this always present a challenge. The whole area must never be entirely cleared to a pristine  level as we may  wish our flower borders to look ! Sustaining that very important balance of the eco system between the plants and wildlife is crucial to get the very best within the woodland floor.