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Hosta Ben VernooijThe Variegated Plants Group of the HPS was formed during the late 1980s by members of the Society who had a particular interest in growing and collecting these fascinating and eye-catching plants. Although an interest in variegated plants may be thought of as specialist, there are many ways these plants can lighten and enhance our gardens and a knowledge of them is useful to all gardeners. We welcome new members from all backgrounds and with all levels of gardening experience.

At present, the Variegated Plants Group has around 70 members, and we are delighted to have a sizeable proportion of these from amongst our overseas membership.

There can be few gardens which don’t contain at least some variegated plants, even in the gardens of gardeners who claim not to like them! Membership of the HPS Variegated Plants Group will extend your appreciation of the very wide range of available plants and the effects which can be achieved by using them in the garden.

The aims of the group are to make the less common variegated forms more widely available, used and appreciated. Over the years, HPS Variegated Plants Group members have been responsible for the introduction of now well known variegated plants and were instrumental in having the designation “v” added to variegated plants listed in the RHS Plantfinder.


Our journal, “The Sport” is now published annually, after the AGM. This keeps us up to date on recent developments in the world of variegated plants, publishes articles about specific plants and acts as a mouthpiece for members who have views and information to share.
We hold an Annual General Meeting and Garden Day. This includes discussions of selected plants, an auction of donated plants, plant sales and a visit to a garden.

We aim to have a display table with information about our activities and variegated plants at the Annual Lecture Day.
In addition, we aim to hold study days when and if possible.

Many members are keen collectors and propagators, so the plant sales and auctions are opportunities to obtain plants not yet commercially available, or difficult to obtain elsewhere. Members are always happy to offer cultural advice and, also, guidance on how to source a particular plant that you may have found elusive.

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An annual subscription fee is charged for membership of the Variegated Plant Group. The current rate is £4.00 per person.

Membership is payable annually, on a rolling basis, and you will be reminded before it becomes due.

Interested in joining us?

Join this group online by visiting our Shop.

If you’d like to join the Variegated Plants Group of the HPS, please send your details, together with a cheque made payable to “The Variegated Plant Group of the HPS” to the Treasurer. (John McGhee, Roville, Bredon’s Norton Tewkesbury GL20 7EZ)

Please note that membership of the Variegated Plant Group of the HPS is only open to members of the national Hardy Plant Society, for which a further membership charge is payable.

Variegated Plants

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Variegated Plants


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